Our family have been making pinatas for over 15 years in los angeles. Our family first started making pinatas in the early 80’s and quickly earned the respect and love from our customers as they always counted on the quality, artistic uniqueness, and affordable  means of our custom pinatas. Many people may think that piñata makers does not include artistic expression and quality crafts skills, but as simplistic cardboard cut outs wrapped in color paper. However, we invision and treat piñata making as a formative process where the artist organizes the material and non material into collective existence, thus producing new impressions into life. This not only requires master craftsmanship, but also imagination to create works of beauty. This may be unconventional, but it fulfills the desire of our family to push new artistic innovations.

If you wish to visit us were are located at 452 west vernon ave los angeles CA 90037

Piñatas for all your occasion needs:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Easter gifts
  • Christmas Celebration
  • Day of the Dead
  • Mexican Posada
  • New Years’ Party
  • Halloween
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Wedding
  • Baby Shower
  • Baptism Celebration
  • Quinceñera’s

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